Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Ups and Downs

A little late, but here is my Top Ten Tuesday post: 10 UPS and Ten DOWNS from the last week…

1. UP: Finding out we’re getting a decent enough tax return to take care of a couple of things we’ve really been needing to do.

2. DOWN: Pain and swelling returning in the ankle I hurt when I fell during our last ice storm.

3. UP: Getting a great deal on Luvs diapers at Target this week. Check it out: $16.99 per case (96 diapers in Jonah’s size 4) and if you buy two, you get a $10 Target gift card! (We still use cloth during the day, but need disposables for overnight and when out and about. Considering the weight range on these, we won’t need to buy ‘sposies for a lonnnng time!)

4. DOWN: Trying to find a babysitter to take the kids while I get that ankle checked out again. All my usual options are unavailable this week, and Jonah won’t stay with just anyone without making them DEEPLY regret saying “yes” to babysitting! LOL

5. UP: Zach had a great time celebrating his 13th birthday weekend!

6. DOWN: I simply cannot seem to adjust to Donnie’s new work schedule that gets him home much later than we’re accustomed to.

7. UP: Writing an article about fun math activities and learning all kinds of new games and fun stuff to do with my sons in our homeschool!

8. DOWN: Trying to help my older two understand why we say “no” to certain video games that many of their friends are allowed to play…and honestly feeling I should be even stricter about it than I am!

9: UP: Getting to see both of my sisters and my parents over the weekend. What a treat!

10: DOWN: Monday morning, 4:45 a.m. Eli appears at our door. “My stomach hurrrrrrrrrrrts….” Donnie (the resident puke handler) tells him to go to the bathroom, then gets up to follow him in there. I tell him to ask Eli if it’s a throw-up kind of stomach ache, or a poop kind of pain. A moment later, Donnie comes back into our room to get the bottle of Maalox. “I think he just needs one of these, and he’ll be fine.” He hadn’t made it past the foot of the bed before we both heard every parent’s most dreaded sound: a light cough followed by a huge splash, then a moan. Then repeated, again and again. Poor Eli! Meanwhile, I’m sitting there having a near panic attack because I’m quite emetophobic and the thought of the whole family being hit with a stomach bug just makes me want to scream!

A bonus UP: Eli felt fine within 12 hours and (so far — knock wood!!) no one else has gotten sick. Hallelujah!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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