Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Guest-blogging on my friend Leigh DeLozier’s blog tomorrow.

2. Crossing one item off my Bucket List when I attend an art show Saturday night that features one of my pieces. I always wanted to see my stuff in a gallery…this is close enough for me! (Now if I can only convince the hubs to come along…though he’s an artist, he’s not exactly a wine/cheese/silent auction kind of guy.)

3. Launching a new online store with my sister sometime this spring. Look for more information coming soon!

4. Easter! It’s going to be a blast, seeing Jonah toddle around, collecting eggs all by himself this year.

5. An upcoming reunion with people from our previous church. So excited about this!

6. Going to visit the folks in Florida at some point before it gets brutally hot down there.

7. Sleeping a full eight hours again — in one solid block. I don’t expect it’ll happen anytime soon — maybe not even this year. But I’m looking forward to it just the same.

8. Spring arriving and staying a while, so I can enjoy having my windows open every day!

9. Cracking open Zach’s new level of Vocabulary from Classical Roots and learning right along with him. I am such a word-nerd and have been delighted at how this curriculum has gotten my boys interested in vocabulary, too.

10. Getting everyone in bed so I can kick back, watch the shows I’ve recorded on the DVR, and perhaps enjoy a little winding-down “grown-up drink”, as we call them around here.

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