Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Just Don’t Get

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Every day brings a fresh imponderable or two. These are the questions I’ve been mulling over lately and finding rather unanswerable.

1. Why will kids eat just about anything off their Mom’s plate, but when she makes them their own serving, they turn their little noses up at it?

2. Why do my kids’ fingernails and hair grow so darn fast? Didn’t I just trim both?

3. How come my boys don’t hear me when I say it’s time to clean their room, but they pop out of the woodwork at the whisper of a Hershey’s kiss being unwrapped?

4. Why does my cat insist on sleeping pressed against my legs even on hot summer nights? Doesn’t he ever get hot, too?

5. I don’t get why certain relatives of mine complain that I never take their picture, but then when I do, they say that I better not show it to anyone.

6. Why is my grass dead while all the weeds are brilliant green, fresh and growing?

7. Who decided that the morning people would rule the world?

8. I wish I could understand the thought processes behind the names some parents give their kids. Recent gems: Chumbley. Konrayd. Greenly. King. And on a related note not meant to insult the many, many beautiful little girls we know with this name, but… isn’t it probably about time to bring the Isabelle/Isabella trend to a close? I think the world might now have more little Belles/Bellas/Izzies than Jennifers and Jessicas combined.

9. Why is it so hard to understand my preference for traditional light bulbs when CFL’s will contaminate my home with mercury if broken? I have three sons—broken light bulbs are a regular part of life. Mercury shouldn’t be. What does the EPA and our brilliant powers-that-be not understand about that?

10. Where did my summer break go? Because I have less than three weeks til we start back to school and I am not even remotely ready for that!


6 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Just Don’t Get”

  1. This list provided some much needed laughter! I particularly love number 7 and I’m also constantly wondering about number 1.
    Stopping by from Oh Amanda’s linkup.

  2. #3…Same in this house! You begin to worry that your children are struggling with deafness, and then they appear with the tiniest chocolate-related noises.
    #4…Cats believe their job is to find ways to annoy people, even when it’s the people they love.
    #6…Weeds are the only thing green around here, too, except for the things growing in pots. Apparently, I got a green thumb when I turned 40. I’m hoping the green thumb sticks around.

  3. (The comment box thought I should end with #6, but I am forging ahead.)
    #8…Bethany’s 2nd favorite baby doll name is Bella. Her first choice is Emily, and there are three babies around here with that name. I think there are only two Bellas. I wonder what she will name her daughter if she has one?


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