The Key to My Heart

My husband, Donnie, has always loved antique keys.

When we were dating, he gave me a gorgeous old skeleton key, tied to a red string. He said it was the key to his heart, and it would always be mine.

Well, yesterday, we celebrated 20 years of marriage. And I think it’s safe to say he holds the key to my heart as well.

We didn’t do anything overly extravagant to mark the occasion. My sister graciously kept the boys so we could go out to dinner alone. We went out for Chinese — my favorite — and also Donnie’s choice because, as he said, China is the traditional gift for a 20th anniversary. Crazy man always gives me something to laugh about!

We sat in a cozy corner booth, and after the waiter brought our drinks, Donnie presented me with a beautiful jewelry box. I protested, of course — we’re not exactly living on a jewelry-giving budget. But he was beaming, and I was, too, when I opened it and found this:

I’ve wanted a Pandora-style charm bracelet for a long time. Actually, it’s one of those things I mentioned in passing ages ago and never realized he even heard me. It means so much to me that he remembered. Not only that, he said he’d been thinking about getting me one for a while. Of course, when he saw that charm, he had to get it for this special anniversary.

It’s perfect. I love silver, especially filigree designs. Red is tied with green for my favorite color, so I love the teensy red stone in the middle of the keyhole. And the tiny little key dangling off the chain! It’s just perfect for us. He couldn’t have asked someone to make anything more perfect. And now I’ll have the joy of adding new charms for other special occasions. I am simply delighted by his gift!

I thought it was funny that just Friday, as I shopped for some craft items, I picked up this sign to hang beside our door for Valentine’s Day:

I was drawn to it because of the key. And of course, the sentiment: Love Always and Forever. What a blessing to get to live that out with my wonderful husband.

Thank God for the precious gift of marriage.

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