Ten Random Ramblings

A few of you will have seen this before. Most of you haven’t. I am missing a really cool writers’ conference today because I am sick. Bah! So, have a laugh at my expense as you understand a little more behind the insanity that is me.

1. I love books. My dream home includes a huge library to hold them all.

2. I use hand sanitizer while shopping, at the checkout, and again before I start my car. Yes, I’m a germophobe, but I’m healthier because of it.

3. I spend entirely too much time online.

4. I just read 1, 2, and 3 and have decided that I am the biggest nerd on the planet!

5. I love writing, but no matter how many accolades I receive for it, I’m still afraid that I will one day be exposed as an imposter who only thought she could write. 

6. I love a clean house. Not much makes me happier than a clean house.

7. I rarely ever enjoy a truly clean house because at heart, I am a slob (who loves cleanliness, go figure!) who married a slob and gave birth to two sloblets. Let’s all say it together: “KARI. NEEDS. A. MAID.”

8. If I find a nightgown that is super-comfy I will wash and wear it until it is too holey to be decent.

9.I love burnt cheese, like the kind on a pizza crust, or what oozes out of a grilled cheese sandwich, or the edge bits on lasagna. MMM!

10. I get really, really cranky when I go more than a week or so without any significant time alone.

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