Step Away From the Calzone

I just ate a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Calzone for lunch.

They are packaged two to a box. A serving is one calzone.

I was amused by how many times in the directions—even on the little sleeve you microwave it in—they tell you to ONLY COOK ONE CALZONE or to PUT THE OTHER CALZONE BACK IN THE FREEZER.

In a less politically-correct world, it would say, “Listen, fatty—we know you want to eat both calzones. But eating double portions of food is what got you here in the first place. Step away from the other calzone!”

I wonder what percentage of Smart Ones’ customers nuke the second calzone about a minute after they polish off the first one? I’m guessing 80 to 90%.

For the record, I didn’t eat the second calzone.

I had a cookie instead.

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