Something NEW: Kari’s Kitchen

Tonight at dinner, I received a nice compliment from my middle son, Eli.

This is the child who often walks into the kitchen while I’m cooking and asks, grimacing,  “WHAT is that HORRIBLE smell???”

So, when tonight, between shoveling in bites of chicken, he said, “Hey, mom — I think you need a new category on your blog for recipes. And you should start with this one!” I was a little surprised.

I never really thought about food blogging before, but I do get asked for recipes quite often. So Donnie and I batted the idea around and figured, why not?

So, tonight I introduce you to my new category: Kari’s Kitchen. I’ll start by adding a couple of recipes people have requested in recent weeks, and build on from there. Sometimes there will be pictures, sometimes not. I’ll also post pictures of past creations, so you can see some of the cakes I’ve designed and other goodies.

And remember, when visiting Kari’s Kitchen, the following always holds true:

Just kidding! My tagline is actually….

And some nights, this sums it up nicely:

Anyway…hope to see you in the Kitchen soon!

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  1. That last picture is you and me, right, sis? 😀 But let’s clarify that you’re the one with the apron and I’m the one sitting there watching you do all the work! I might make the cocktail, though….

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