Sick Little Guy

Just look at this face…

Now imagine it pale, and sad and throwing up all day.

My poor Eli has been so sick today. It’s definitely the sickest I’ve ever seen him with a stomach virus. A few years ago, he had a fever that went to 105 and that was pretty darn scary. But this probably comes in second for his worst sick day ever.

He even said that earlier, hanging over the bucket, gulping for air: “Mom, this is the worst day ever.”

I probably sound like the biggest wimp in the universe, but when my kids are sick, I just want to go bawl in a corner somewhere. I can’t stand it. Give me all their illnesses, squared, and I’ll take them gladly. Anything to not have to see them suffer.

I know it’s just a bug, and probably by this time tomorrow, he’ll be feeling much better. I guess I feel a little extra guilt because I’m the one who brought the crud home to everyone else. I had it first, then Donnie, now Eli…thankfully Jonah hasn’t been sick (hoping immunity from Mama’s milk will keep him well). I’m worried that Zach will be next, as that’s usually how it goes. He might be a big ol’ 12 year old, with hands and feet the size of mine, but he’s still my BABY. And I don’t want any of my babies to be sick.

I thank God all the time that my kids are usually pretty healthy. Because I don’t know that I could handle it if they had to deal with some of the health issues that I’ve seen some friends go through with their children. I can’t imagine finding the strength to deal with that. I’m sure I’d muster it if I had to, but how would I cope when I’m such a wimp with a stomach virus?

I think a big part of it is just feeling so helpless. Bringing him drinks, tucking his blankets, standing beside him and speaking soothingly as he’s throwing up, cleaning up…they’re all I can do. I can’t make it go away. So I pray to the One who can, and hope that He will, soon.