Saturday Snickers

Does anyone use the word “snicker” to describe laughter anymore? If not, I just did. I’m retro-cool like that.

I couldn’t help but snicker over a comment Eli made earlier. Today has been a glorious taste of fall—cool and breezy, sunny…you couldn’t ask for a prettier day. So we sent the boys outside. After ten minutes, they were ready to come back in.

It happens every spring and fall. After months cooped up indoors with too much time on the Xbox and computer, they forget how to entertain themselves. We sent them back outside.

Eli tried to come in again, and exasperated, I said:

“Eli, when your dad and I were kids, on a day like today, you couldn’t MAKE us come inside. We played outside all day long, usually until dark.”

Eli pondered that for a moment before replying.

“Yeah, well…me and Zach aren’t as energetic as you two were back then.”

I told my sister that is probably the first time in my life that anyone referred to me as “energetic.” And it just might be the last. You know the Energizer Bunny? I’m kinda the antithesis of that. You could call me the De-Energized Slug.

Thankfully, their friend Bryan came out to play and they ended up spending several hours playing ball and running around. Mission accomplished.

Anyway, another laugh came this week as I tried to videotape Jonah’s word for “food.” It’s the same word for his grandmothers: Nana. When he gets hungry, he says “Nana Nana Nana!” and it’s because he eats a banana for breakfast every day.

Someone will surely award me the “Mean Mom of the Year” award for this clip:

Banana Part One from Kari Apted on Vimeo.

After he got the banana, he was one happy kid:

Banana Part Two from Kari Apted on Vimeo.

(Oh, and his high chair cover was in the wash. That’s why it looks so weird!)