Poison Ivy


Tomorrow’s column mentions briefly Eli’s encounter with poison ivy last week. It’s on the side of his face. I thought he had an infected cut on his cheek and ear, but the doctor said otherwise.

Tonight, Zach showed me spots on his arms. He thought they were bug bites. Then I saw a welt on his face that wasn’t there earlier.

Yep, he got into the ivy, too.

I just hope it doesn’t show up on Jonah. Or me and Donnie. I’m still getting over my bee sting, and these horrible allergies! Is it just me, or is this fall particularly brutal allergy-wise here in Georgia? I sneezed like, ten times in a row earlier today. I never do that.

So now that I’ve moaned and whined about health issues like a grumpy old lady, I’m taking some sinus medicine and going to bed.

And hoping that my darling angel baby lets me sleep more than the three cumulative hours he reluctantly granted me last night.

Oops. There I go grumbling again. Goodnight!

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