On Love and Marriage

A couple of funny conversations around the house this morning regarding relationships…

My sister Cherie: I need to find a husband.

Me: Zach, we need to pray for Aunt Cherie to get a husband.

Zach: Yeah, we need to just order her one from somewhere.

Me: (Pondering) You know, you never do see ads for mail-order husbands…

Cherie: Yeah, you’re right! What’s up with that?

Me: I guess there’s no market for it.


Me: I mean, most women probably come to the conclusion that it’s better to remain single than to pluck some poor soul up out of Uzbekistan…


My son Eli did not want to clean his room this morning. That child can make the biggest messes but never wants to pick up after himself.

Eli: (Sulking in his room) Mom, do you and Dad care about me?

Me: Yes, of course we do. We love you very much.

Eli: Well, it doesn’t feel like Dad does because he yelled at me about cleaning my room and when he does that it makes me want to run away.

Me: I understand that it makes you angry. But you know, one of the reasons we make you clean your room is because we care about you. Because when you grow up and get married, if you’re still this messy, your wife will always be mad at you.

(Unfortunately, that last line was uttered from grave personal experience on the subject.)

Eli: Well, ACTUALLY…I’ve decided I’m not going to get married.

Me: Yes, well, you might change your mind about that when you get older.

Zach: (Chiming in from his bedroom) Yeah, Eli…you’ll change your mind about it when you get older! Because without a wife, you won’t be able to do ANYTHING !

(Truer words were never spoken…)

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