New Critters at the Apted Zoo

Meet the fishies! Our zookeeper (aka Dad) finally relented and let the boys open an aquatic exhibit here at our zoo. We got two female betta fish, as they are supposed to be the easiest pets to care for. (Aside from pet rocks and mechanical fish, which I kept threatening to choose instead. Eli said to my friend Amy, “But we don’t want any of those robot fish!”)

This is Tonya. Zach named her in memory of our precious husky/shepherd who went to dog heaven three years ago.

And this is Mary. Eli named her in honor of Jesus’ mother, since the fish was an Easter present.

These boys were just tickled pink to finally have their hearts desire: pets they could keep in their room.

But the best part about having fish? The boys spent more time staring at the tank today than playing video games.

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  1. My heart melted at the names the boys have chosen! So sweet!!!! Love the pic of Z watching the fish!!

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