Motrin is a beautiful thing

So it hasn’t been the best day around here. The mild congestion I’ve had all week had me hacking up a lung this morning, and I just knew that wasn’t a good sign. By mid-afternoon I was running a 101 temperature and feeling like something the cat dragged in. I’m feeling better at the moment because of the Motrin I took a few hours ago. Hopefully it’s just a virus and not morphing into bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy, as I am often inclined to get.

If that wasn’t enough fun for one day, a huge filling in one of my molars broke loose. While I was eating soup. (?) I felt the bit of metal in my mouth and thought, “Dang, the machinery at the soup factory must’ve thrown that in there,” when my tongue brushed the jagged edge of my molar and I realized what it was. Crap.

And naturally, this happened on a Friday, an hour or so after the dentist’s office closed early.

I broke half that tooth off a few years ago, and they said it would eventually need a root canal and a crown. I just don’t know why “eventually” had to hit right before the holidays! Yes, we’re finished with the boys’ Christmas shopping, but the budget is still tight enough that a couple-hundred dollar dental bill is going to be a real burden.

I’m staying up long enough to get in another dose of my miracle drug, Motrin, then it’s lights out for me.