Moments with Eli: Schoolwork

If you’ve ever wondered why sometimes we’re still doing schoolwork at 6:00 p.m., perhaps this will give you an idea why. (Click on the pictures once or twice to see them larger if needed.)

Behold Eli’s spelling page from today:

He overheard Zach and I discussing “picturesque” scenes as we worked on Z’s Vocabulary from Classical Roots lesson. So Eli got distracted and drew one scene we discussed: a picnic on a hilltop on a sunny day.

(The blue box above is where he drew the contrast between a stormy night on the left, and a sunny day on the right.)

But wait! That’s not all! Here is the illustration drawn sideways on the top of his spelling page. (Turned and conveniently labeled with arrows pointing to the various elements of his drawing.)

Should I be glad that he remembered the science documentary we watched, that featured the Shearwater, these amazing fishing birds that can dive up to 70 meters below the surface of the sea? Or should he be in trouble for goofing off and doodling, because we all know no public school teacher would put up with that?

I just find it so amusing, how both he and Zach are prone to doodling, just like their parents were. (OK, are!)  I guess that double-dose of artistic genes they received has to be expressed somehow?