Moments with Eli: Allowance

“Hey, Dad—how much money do I have?”

“Mmmm….about eight dollars.” (Each boy gets their age in dollars on payday twice a month, as an allowance. And Eli is not a saver!)

Eli was silent as he ate a few more bites of lunch.

“Hey! So when I’m 22, and I still live at home, I’ll get TWENTY-TWO dollars for my allowance!”

After we stopped laughing, we told him that though we love him, we hope he’s not still living at home at age 22, and if he is, he certainly won’t be getting an allowance from us.

“When you’re 18,” Donnie said, “The allowance stops.”

“No, I think when you have a job of your own, the allowance stops. And hopefully that’ll be around 16,” I said.

Eli hunched over, looking dejected.

“Man…” he muttered.

That kid’s a hoot!