Lego Ninjago Airjitzu Launch

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is always a favorite destination for my Lego-loving boys.

Jonah pretty much wore a smile all the way there and talked NONSTOP about what he was going to do at LEGOLAND! We could barely get him to stand still for this pose.


He even planned his own outfit for the occasion, which was…creative.

Oh, and while we waited for tickets, we marveled over this artistic feature in the lobby. It’s Renoir’s “Monet Painting in the Garden at Argenteuil” rendered in LEGO:

Renoir Monet Painting

Anyway, on Saturday, we were among the first to experience LEGO’s release of their awesome new Ninjago Airjitzu flyers. These little toys are inexpensive bursts of flying fun!

In one of the classrooms, groups of six children followed directions to build their own Airjitzu flyers.


Then, with the help of this friendly LEGO employee, they practiced flying them inside these cool “fly-high” towers!


While the towers were necessary to keep kids from sending Airjitzus all over the room, the sky’s the limit when you’re playing with them outdoors. Check out these videos to see some really creative tricks that your little¬†Spinjitzu Masters can achieve with their Airjitzu flyers.

One of the cool things about visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center is posing with the giant Minifigs, like the red Ninjago warrior, Kai.


And you know, you’re never really too old for LEGO. Eli shared a Coke with Kai, whom we affectionately renamed “Tom.”


(See the name on the bottle? Tom?)

And then we took a break in the cafe and shared a Coke with Jonah. (And a sandwich and Dippin’ Dots, too.)


Of course, the sugar just jazzed him up again for the rest of the afternoon. Look at that crazy-happy face while watching the miniature MARTA train circle around Atlanta’s MINILAND!


And what kid wouldn’t love climbing through a pit full of giant foam LEGO bricks?


Of course, no visit to LEGOLAND is complete without seeing the 4-D “Legends of Chima” movie. Just make sure you’re ready to get wet, and maybe pluck a few bubbles out of your hair afterward.


This little guy is going to have a lot to talk about at kindergarten tomorrow!