Lactaid, anyone?

My little 6 year old has had a tummy virus the past two days. He’s felt a little better today, and by dinnertime was ready to move beyond crackers and toast. So I let him have a little bit of cereal. I poured on a tiny bit of milk, then told him to just eat the cereal…but not drink the milk when he’s done.

“But Mom, I always drink the milk.”

“I know, but you’ve had diarrhea, and milk can make diarrhea worse. That little bit in your cereal probably won’t hurt you, but at least for today, you shouldn’t drink what’s left in the bowl.”

He was quiet for a moment, then smiled with that “lightbulb going off” expression.

“Oh, I get it! I’m lactose intolerant.”

Where does this child learn this stuff??? He’s a hoot!