Imagine It!

Our family finally made it to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta yesterday.

It was SO much fun that I wondered why in the world we hadn’t gone before?

Jonah pretty much kept a smile on his face all day long, and positively skipped with joy as he bounced from one activity to the next. (You’ll have to pardon the not-so-good quality of my photos. I didn’t want to bother with lugging the big camera around all day, and my phone doesn’t take the greatest pictures.)

Anyway, I’d read reviews of the museum and wondered if we’d enjoy it. Many of the reviews said things like, “It wasn’t worth the money. My kids got bored quickly. Don’t take kids older than 5 or they’ll complain there’s nothing to do. It will take 1 and a half hours, max, to do everything.”

I can only guess that one of two things is true: most kids are too easily bored these days. Or we don’t get out much. Because I have no clue what these people were talking about. My kids had a blast — and they are 3 and 11! I thought the 11-year-old might like helping his little brother do the activities, but Eli enjoyed them all on his own. He would’ve stayed camped-out on this crane all day if we’d have let him.

And all of us said we could’ve spent over an hour at just the Moon Sand table alone.

Eli built an igloo. Which, of course, was followed by igloo demolition!

We were there for a little over three hours and there were many things we didn’t see or do, making me want to go back, soon.

I’m even thinking a family membership might be a good idea because the boys had THAT much fun.

We milked a cow….

We gardened and “rode” a tractor…

We painted the walls…

We played on a food delivery truck and ran people over with little grocery carts (well, only Jonah did the cart part)…

We climbed in a tree house and crossed a bouncing bridge…

We had FUN!