How he sees me…


Eli climbed onto my lap last night and after I tickled him, he sat there, staring at my face, his little hands on each of my cheeks, smiling. I was expecting him to say something warm and endearing, as he often does.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“If your skin was green, you would look exactly like a witch.”

Ah. Nice. Of course, I laughed…I was totally not expecting THAT!

Then I put on my very best witchy cackle and said, “So I’m a witch, eh? That means I love to eat children!” and I grabbed him tight so he couldn’t get away and tickled him and told him that I was going to dip him in honey mustard before gobbling him up.

But honestly. A witch? Bwaahahahaha! Well, I do kind of have Witch Hazel’s figure…