How am I NOT going to lose this?

One of my Christmas presents from hubby was David Cook’s new album. But instead of the usual CD, Donnie bought the Slot Music version. Very cool concept. Except, it came packaged in a CD-sized folder, and I thought perhaps the USB adapter would be the same size as other USBs we have. You know, 2 or 3 inches long. Big enough to not totally misplace.

Well, I was wrong.


Can someone please tell me how a disorganized mom like me, in a house full of disorganized males, is going to manage not to lose these tiny bits? That itty-bitty thingie on the left slides into the teensy USB adapter on the right.

Last night, after listening for the first time (great album, BTW) I put it in my paper clip holder. I hope I can find it again amongst all those huge-in-comparison paper clips. 😆

Seriously, I am wowed by the progress of technology over my 40 years on this planet. I am old enough to remember records the size of dinner plates, and “portable” 8-track players the size of a small suitcase. Now I get music from this tiny thing smaller than a penny. Amazing, really.