Guest Post: Fair Taxation?

Today, I’m going political again. Some of you are sighing, some of you can’t wait to read more. What I’m sharing was written by a friend of mine who asked to just be referred to as “RC”. This person doesn’t blog, but I think she should. Over the past year, she’s offered some of the most insightful political commentary I’ve read anywhere. It was always refreshing to read her posts and realize that she’d said what I was thinking, but better than I’d have said it myself. When I saw this pondering of hers the other day, I asked if I could share it on my blog because once again — her thoughts echoed my own.

Thanks, RC, for allowing me to share your words. I pray that one day our children and grandchildren will get to live in an America that blesses its citizens with a truly fair tax system.


I keep hearing about how it’s “fair” to tax the rich more. If people really wanted a fair tax system, it would be 1 rate for everyone above the poverty level. It wouldn’t matter if it was $1 or $1B. If they really wanted fair, there would be no deductions except Traditional IRA and 401K since these are taxed later. As it stands now, we punish people for being successful. We reward people for having more children and punish those who chose not to or have few. We reward those who buy houses and punish those who rent. We reward those who take out student loans and punish those who work hard and pay their way through school. And the list goes on and on.

If we were to make things fair, there would be no tax on Social Security. This is money that is taken from hard working people throughout their entire working lives, given to the government for them to earn interest on and then given back to the people once they retire. Many never live long enough to receive all they paid in and some never receive a single check.

If it were fair, we would not punish people who worked hard, lived within their means, saved and acquired property throughout their lives when they die.

If we were to make things fair, everyone who pays into Medicare would receive the same benefits for as long as they need them. This is money that is taken from us. Some will use more than they paid in and some will never use a penny.

If we were to make things fair, we would not give a retirement check to anyone who ever serves as a Congressman, Senator or President for the rest of their lives even if they only serve 1 term. We only give retirement checks to our military who put their lives on the line after 20 years. How is that fair? How is it fair that our elected leaders go to Washington typically as part of the middle class and become millionaires while there?

If we really want to make things fair, our elected leaders who manage our country’s finances would only be paid if there was a surplus just like the vast majority of business owners. Yet, they pay themselves first.

As it stands now, there is absolutely nothing fair about our taxes. Yet, people scream they want it to be fair by punishing people more by being successful and independent of the government.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t understand the mentality behind this one.


If you’re missing something, RC, I am, too.