I am writing this post today because I need to. I’m still struggling with some life issues at the moment, and it is so easy to mire down in the gloom and doom and forget about all the things I have to be thankful for. Which is exactly why I need to remind myself of what’s good in life at the moment.

Tonight, I am grateful for…

-Two sweet, unspoiled sons who go to bed when they’re told, laughing and giggling instead of griping and crying (like the bratty kids I see on Supernanny each week.)

-A husband who humors me even when I am being a completely hormonal, crabby old witch like I was earlier tonight.

-A roof over my head and a furnace to warm my family on this damp, chilly night.

-A steady job for my husband, with no fear of layoffs like so many people are facing in this economy. And the fact that he makes enough to take care of our needs. We may not have extra, but we have enough.

-Dear friends who are like an invisible web of support behind me, keeping me steady and being my safety net when I start to fall.

-The laughter and hope that still fall into my lap like silvery stardust even when life feels not funny and hopeless.

-Knowing that God has never created a never-ending storm. This too, shall pass, and He’s already placed in my hands one brilliant, beautiful gift that I know I’ll get to unwrap soon.

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  1. Oh my dear friend, may you know how precious you are to me! Please forgive me. I have been meaning to call you for 2 days and life has gottne in the way. Know that I am thinking about you. And lets get together again soon. You are too important to me not to make the time!

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