Gotta love those pop-up thunderstorms

Zach remembered this afternoon that Eli’s been wanting his Hot Wheels rug back in his room. One of the cats ralphed on it months ago, and I just forgot about it, folded up out on the carport.  😳   

It was sunny, so we put it on the back patio, hosed it down, and began scrubbing it with big sponges soaked in soapy water. Then it was like the lights went out and it started raining…huge blobs of rain! We kept scrubbing away, though, laughing about how wet we were getting.

As soon as it started, it stopped, but it’s still rumbling thunder. The wet rug is draped across the fence, so I hope we get a little more sunshine before the day is done. If not, I guess he’ll get to enjoy a dry rug sometime tomorrow. 😆