Get Yer Goat Soap Here!

Seriously, y’all. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!

I posted earlier this summer about my new affiliation with O My! Goat Milk Bath and Body products.

Because of Zach’s accident, it’s taken longer than I’d planned to get back to you with what I thought about the fragrances I’ve tried so far. With so many fantastic scents to choose from, here’s my take on the following, saving my favorite for last!


Summer Melon smells exactly like you imagine it would: like a sweet wedge of honeydew or watermelon, but more clean/green than cloyingly sweet. Refreshing. Summery. Nice.


Flip Flops (can you tell that I was in a seasonal mood?) got to go along with me to Florida last month. I thought it would be a great scent for vacation, and I was right. A little beachy, a little sun-screen-y, but with a surprising hit of what I think might be mint? I’m obviously not a beauty products expert when it comes to differentiating fragrances, but I liked it.


Clean Linen was a must on my list, because that type of fragrance is one of my favorites when I’m shopping for candles. I just adore that fresh laundry scent wafting through the house. The guys didn’t think this one was “too girly”, either. Just a nice, clean fragrance.


Luck of the Irish is described on the O My! site as a “spicy-sweet blend of French Verbena and lemon, a green Florentine and Myrose sandalwood.” I bought it because I thought it might remind me of Irish Spring (which I love to smell, but it’s irritating to our skin). It did! It was a really nice, more masculine fragrance and my husband loves it. Big bonus–no itching afterward!

And finally…my favorite, my signature O My! fragrance, the one that I will have to order now in lotion and any other form I can find it…

Lover’s Spell.


It’s just divine. Sweet, warm, floral and fruity all at the same time. It definitely cast its spell on me. Must. Have. MORE!

So, there you have it: some feedback that might help guide your initial purchases. Just be sure to click on my affiliate banner on the right side of this screen. And come back to let me know what you think!