Get thyself to Starbucks

It’s back! The yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned to Starbucks for fall. My sister Cherie and I could live off these things. Alas, with its high fat and calorie content, plus the price, it must remain an occasional splurge. But oh what a fun splurge it is! That taste IS autumn.

And I also have to comment on how wonderful these recent cool mornings have been. I know it’ll be hot by the afternoon, and the season hasn’t officially arrived yet, but oh how I love these little tastes of fall!

One reply on “Get thyself to Starbucks”

  1. If you’re able to limit it to an occasional splurge, you probably don’t pass the hardcore Starbucks test, which is, Can the staff at the local Starbucks make your drink as soon as you walk through the door, without you needing to say a word? Sadly, mine can (tall non-fat no-whip raspberry mocha. Iced, if the weather’s hot).

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