Friday Fill-ins

1. I hold this mouse gingerly and type cautiously, for my carpal tunnel is inflamed.

2. Donnie is someone I like to travel with because he is awesome at fitting into the trunk all the suitcases stuffed with all the crap useful items I pack. Because I pack like my mother—as if we were going on an Arctic expedition, desert trek and swimming fling, all in the course of one week.

3. That day, on vacation, when we were eating dinner and Donnie felt a sudden splash against his leg, and we realized it was because Jonah had fished his winkie out the side of his diaper and shot a pee across to his father—now THAT was funny!

4. Can you believe we’ve already said goodbye to over half of this year???

5. Trust in God alone, because even the best of men will at some point, let you down.

6. Now that we’ve removed his night light, it’s amazing how much better Jonah sleeps in the dark.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting some work done, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with my sister and Sunday, I want to maybe squeeze in a nap between morning church services and the beginning of VBS that night!

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