For Christmas

As an Advent of sorts, through December, I’m going to post Christmas memories and pictures. They might be pictures from my family, or from my collection of vintage and retro Christmas images. I’m going to try to post a little something daily, which would probably be the first time in my blog history that I’ve done so. Let’s see if I can pull it off!

(There will be other posts, of course, but I’m feeling nostalgic this year. So humor me. OK?)

I’ll make the first installment an easy one. How much do I love this elf???

I love this elf. I want him to come live in my house. Does anyone make elves like this anymore?

My mom had little plastic elves similar to this one that she decorated with when we were kids. And that white tree in the background? Mom had one almost just like that. It was about 10-inches tall and I used to swipe it to decorate the living room of my swanky 1970-era Barbie townhouse. I would also ask for leftover bits of wrapping paper and would wrap little presents to put under the little white tree for Barbie and Ken. Good memories, those…