Eli’s newest creation

Introducing the FC 60!

I have no idea what FC 60 stands for, and neither does Eli. He just thought it sounded cool.

We’ve officially started back with homeschooling now.┬áZach got to go on a field trip today, so Eli and I decided to have some fun. We watched a couple of educational shows, and in one of them, these kids built “robots” out of household stuff. So, Eli and I made a racing robot. He gathered all the parts; I helped with putting it together. The crumpled paper is the brain. The eyes are supposed to look like binoculars, and the mouth is a straight line because, as he said, robots don’t smile.

And, here is my little goofball, posing with his creation. He is acting like a robot:

Speaking of robots, does anyone else have an older relative who pronounces the word “RO-but”? Both my and Donnie’s grandfathers said “robot” that way. Just wondering….