Eighteen Months of Fun

“Who, me?”

It hardly seems possible that my little monkey is a year and a half old already. It’s so fun watching his little personality emerge. He loves music and must dance when he hears it, loves grabbing everything he shouldn’t, and fooling around with every gadget in the house. I joke with our older boys that Jonah’s a tiny dictator who wants to take over the world, because he’ll climb up into the computer chair, move the mouse and act like he’s typing, looking intently at the screen as if he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s saying so many words now, and just started participating in the family prayer at dinnertime. His little “Amen” at the end is so sweet.

He also says “DOWN!” very clearly when he’s full and wants out of his high chair. As he says it, he rips off his bib and will start unlatching his tray himself if you don’t move fast enough to set him free.

One of his favorite things to snatch is my iPhone. I let him watch Elmo videos on it once, on You Tube, and ever since I did that, he’ll bring me the phone while demanding his favorite red monster, “EHHHHH-mo!”

Tonight he started watching his favorite song about Elmo and some ducks, then climbed up on my lap and asked to nurse. I guess like most men, he thought his little TV show would be more enjoyable with a snack.

All I can say is that someone is more than a little spoiled, because what did I do? Picked him up, latched him on and then held the iPhone up so he could still see it. And then Donnie and I laughed at how tightly wrapped this kid has us around his little finger.

Later, after drinking his bedtime bottle, he hopped down and let out an enormous burp. After which, he smiled and said, “AMEN!”

Parenting a toddler can be exhausting, but few ages are this much fun!