Dinner Delimma

Am I the only mom who gets tired of facing dinner every night? I have been in such a rut, food-wise. I used to be into cooking and trying new recipes. Now? Meh…it’s just no fun at all.

I tend to blame my kids and their picky eating habits for spoiling the joy of food. Zach seems to expand his tastebuds with every passing year, but Eli is still firmly entrenched in the picky zone. I always blamed myself for that, but a doctor friend once told me that some kids just express fear in the form of trying new foods, and forcing the issue only makes things worse. I think sometimes that might be the case with Eli.

Sometimes I just say, to heck with it, and I cook something crazy, like curried vegetables and chickpeas over basmati rice. (Zach might pick at the vegetables but even my “good” eater hates rice). If our budget were more flexible, it wouldn’t be such an issue to go to the trouble of cooking something that doesn’t get eaten. And I’ll be honest: I just plain get tired of cooking every night. We rarely eat out (again, it’s a financial issue) and Donnie’s kitchen abilities don’t extend much beyond breakfast. So it’s almost always up to me to decide what we’re going to eat, and to prepare it. I know I should just be thankful for food to eat and a place to cook it, and I am thankful for those things.

God, forgive my complaining over the manna you send in the form of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, chicken and all other boring foods. I guess compared to a steady diet of honey-flavored wafers and quail, it really isn’t THAT bad.