Christmas Baking

“Some of these Christmas cookies will hang on the tree, but most of them we’ll eat.”

Yeah, in my house, we eat ALL of them.

I don’t know what adorable Christmas book this scene comes from, but I just love the retro artwork and that pretty June-Cleaver-ish mom.

I remember baking Christmas goodies with my mother. She used to make these cookies that were kind of like Rice Krispie treats, but they were round and baked.  I never liked cherries, but these had half a maraschino cherry on top. They were the only cherries I would eat, and I remember sitting at the kitchen table with Mom, alternating red and green cherries to make the cookies pretty for Christmas. I can still see Mom sliding the cookie sheet out of her c. 1971 chocolate-brown oven, and smell their golden, buttery smell and sweet crunch.

I need to bug her and see if she can find the recipe anywhere. I sure would like to make a batch of them with my boys.