Cat Anatomy 101

This is Max.


Max is a cat who behaves like a human. Lately, Max’s favorite napping place is the sofa. He doesn’t curl up on one end of it, nice and cat-like. He stretches out right smack in the middle, flat on his back, like a worn-out man after a long day at work.


The other day, my 7 y.o. son Eli went over to rub Max’s belly as he lay in this position. (I am convinced that Max sprawls out like this because he’s learned that it earns him belly rubs.)

“Mom, why does Max have nipples even though he will never use them to feed kittens?”

“Good question. Ummm…I guess it’s kind of like how you, and dad and your brother all have nipples even though you’ll never use them to feed a baby.” I just wasn’t up to going into a long discussion on vestigial body parts.

“Oh. Hey, Mom? Where is Max’s penis?”

“Well, you can’t really see it like you can see yours. It’s hidden inside a little button area down near his tail.”

Suddenly, Max flew into the air and out of the room, faster than the blink of an eye.

“Mom! I just found Max’s penis!”

Poor Maxie. Who knew my telling Eli that meant he’d go poke Max there?  I told Eli to never touch it again and sent him to go wash his hands.  Ah, the curiosity of a first-grader.