Up until a few months ago, we had two dogs and two cats. Poor Molly Brown, our chocolate Lab, had to be put down last spring. And our cat Max’s littermate, Lily, had to be re-homed. She’s always been a sickly, nervous thing and her health deteriorated after Jonah was born—I just don’t think she could handle the stress.

So, that’s left us with our two black furry babies, Annie the dog and Max the cat. They’ve pretty much always ignored each other. But both have great, laid-back personalities and have never been hostile toward one another.

Just now, I went to get something out of the fridge and caught them snoozing together in the laundry room, on Annie’s blanket. At first, I thought it was Annie and that someone had dropped a black shirt next to her. How funny to see it move and look up at me!

I guess they’re officially buddies now. How cute is that?