Book Review: The One Day Way

Tomorrow, tomorrow…we’ll think about it tomorrow, do it tomorrow, but often, tomorrow never comes. I find this particularly true in my own life with regard to weight loss and personal health goals. My habits are so entrenched; it takes more conscious effort than I’m often able to muster to change them. That is why I was intrigued by the idea behind Chantel Hobbs’ newest book, The One Day Way.

Last year, I read and reviewed Hobbs’ Never Say Diet so I was already familiar with her down-to-earth principles for permanent weight loss. Then I became pregnant and weight loss fell to the wayside. And now that the baby is here, I am busier than ever. But I am hopeful that The One Day Way will help me take the babysteps needed to pursue better health.  This book is full of practical suggestions, meal tips and exercises illustrated with photographs–something this tired mama appreciates! Most importantly, in my opinion, are the chapters dedicated to changing the way we think about food, and how to separate it from our emotions. Without this important step of changing our mindset, of seeing food as fuel and not a friend or source of happiness, it is impossible to break the old habits that keep us heavy.

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The One-Day Way produces lasting results by taking you back to basics. No more complicated weight-loss strategies. No more expensive diet plans that achieve only temporary results. Instead, you will lose weight and get fit with Chantel Hobbs’s simple, high-energy meal plans and her at-home program for cardio exercise and strength training. She will teach you how to change the way you think, which leads to new actions. Before you know it you will be strong, fit, and healthy. All it takes is doing things differently for twenty-four hours—and then repeating it.

The One-Day Way gives you everything you need to lose weight and get fit in body, mind, and spirit:

  • Break free from past dieting defeats
  • Learn a realistic, life-changing way to measure success
  • Change the way you think so you can change your life
  • Translate your dreams into goals, and your goals into lasting achievements
  • Get strong with thirty-one simple exercises, no fancy equipment required
  • Take advantage of ten ways to eat better while you lose weight

By focusing on food, faith, and fitness, Chantel shows you not only how to lose weight, but how to build the new life you were designed to live. You don’t have to wait any longer. The One-Day Way gives you all the tools for success, starting right now.

Author Bio:

The author of Never Say Diet and The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer, Chantel Hobbs is a motivational speaker, life coach, personal trainer, marathon runner, wife, and mother of four whose story has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, the 700 Club, and the covers of People and First magazines. She appears weekly on two fitness-themed radio programs and promotes her One-Day Way Learning System on television. Visit Chantel at for fitness updates and coaching tips.