Boo, y’all! Six Flags FrightFest!

Confession time: I felt a little apprehensive about taking four teenagers to FrightFest at Six Flags Over Georgia.


I know that sounds weird, but the commercials make it look exceptionally dark and scary. The show descriptions online are quite…macabre. And then you find out that you can’t even exit the park without walking through what they call The Witching Hour! It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun for a group of chickens like us…even if we do love Halloween.

Well, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. And almost a little disappointed that there weren’t more scary zombies, clowns and monsters hiding around every corner.

They were rampant inside the scare zones, haunted houses and mazes, of course. I didn’t make it to the Bayou Bloodlust attraction, but a friend of mine did and said it quite literally scared the pee out of her.

Twice. (Bwahahaha! Poor soul!)

Our ride on the Terror Train topped my Creep-out Factor for the night, but I found that if I kept my sense of humor, I stayed pretty calm…even when the ride took a rather shocking turn.


I also found it helpful to keep in mind that the costumed characters aren’t allowed to touch you!

I wish I’d gotten more pics of how wonderfully decorated the park was. Along the entrance way, there were these huge wooden coffins that made great photo props.


Eerie music wafted through the park all evening, and I agree with Six Flags that you probably don’t want to have little kids there after 6:00 pm. The daytime is filled with lighthearted Halloween fun for the littles, who are welcome to wear costumes and trick-or-treat in the kids’ areas. (Which looked awesome, by the way, and had plenty of great photo props, including these giant jack-o-lanterns.)


We also loved “Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party” show at the Crystal Pistol theater.


I’m not really a huge fan of zombies, but this show was highly entertaining, with lots of “Thriller”-style choreography, audience engagement and humorous takes on classic tunes like “Bad to the Bone”.


Now, I have to show you where the absolute SCARIEST moment of the night occurred for me:


Yes! Inside the adorable Monster Mansion!

Just take my advice here: if you have more than one heavy person in your group, make sure you distribute the weight evenly along the seats. Because these boats are free-floating and I swear to you, we almost tipped ours over more than once! We took on water and everything!

Looking back on it, it’s hilarious, but it would’ve kinda ruined the night if all of us ended up half-drowning inside a kiddie ride!

After surviving that peril, we all enjoyed the huge burritos we ordered at Macho Nacho, located near the Goliath roller coaster.


I quite enjoyed leaving the park at midnight through The Witching Hour, because there were so many scary characters congregating near the entrance! I don’t think our teenagers would say the same because the zombies and clowns pretty much left us old folks alone, choosing to garner easy screams from the teens. And let me tell you, the girls especially did not disappoint! And I thought one of the boys was going to wet his pants when a clown chased him into a gift shop.

If you have teenagers, I think you’ll understand the joy my friend and I felt over seeing them get scared for a change (since we mamas are usually the ones being terrified by their behavior)! LOL


There are three more weekends to enjoy all the FrightFest fun. Six Flags Over Georgia is open on all remaining October Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on Halloween night.

Fridays: 6 pm to midnight

Saturdays: Noon to midnight

Sundays: Noon to 10:00 pm

Monday, October 31: 6 pm to midnight


Maybe we’ll see you there? Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!