Beauty and the Beast at The Fabulous Fox


“Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast!”

I can’t stop singing that song tonight! My sweet daughter and I got to see Beauty and the Beast on Tour tonight and it was just so, so good.

I mistakenly thought the show started at 7:00, but it was actually 7:30. So, arriving early, we wasted time trying to get the perfect selfie. This was about the best this Mama-Beast and her little Beauty could come up with:

MV2 Collage

Anyway, there is much to appreciate about the story of Beauty and the Beast. From the age-old lesson of not judging people by appearance alone, to the wonderful escape that exists within the covers of a book, I resonate with Belle. And though the original Disney movie is quite good, nothing compares to the extravagance of experiencing a live theater performance.

It’s hard to choose a favorite scene, but if I had to settle on one, it would have to be the mug-clinking dance. It’s just brilliant!

BandB mugs

And how can you not love arrogant, pompous, hilarious Gaston? This Broadway version of the character is much funnier than the one in the film.

Speaking of humor, I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway a couple of years ago, and I don’t remember the Beast being as funny as he was in this show. He truly cracked me up with his temper tantrums and clear need of anger management counseling.

There was also a great chemistry between Lumiere, the servant-turned-candlestick and Cogsworth, the butler-turned-clock. All of the enchanted characters and the ensemble gave excellent performances.


Of course, with it being Disney–and Broadway–the costumes and sets were also stunningly beautiful.

After you see it, you’ll understand why this show has delighted over 35 million people worldwide. It runs nightly through February 7, at the historic Fox Theater in Atlanta. Tickets are still available for these performances, as well as for afternoon matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

And in case you were wondering, it’s totally suitable for children of all ages. (Clearly, even 40-something kids like me!)