Another Saturday Six

Chiming in late, but hey—it’s fun!

1. Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee…and why?

I love coffee any way I can get it, but I gravitate more toward hot in the winter and iced in the summer, for obvious reasons.

2. Front Porch or Rear Patio…and why?

Both! Nothing’s prettier than a big, wrap-around front porch with a couple of rocking chairs. But unless I lived out in the country, I’d definitely spend more time on a rear patio because relaxing requires privacy.

3. Dog or Cat…and why?

We have both, and I must admit preferring the cats. I like their aloofness, and how they’re lower-maintenance than dogs. Dogs are sweet, but sometimes that constant neediness annoys me. And dogs make bigger messes.

4. Blackberry or iPhone…and why?

Can’t answer, because I’ve never had either, but really want one or the other!

5. Morning or Night…and why?

Certified night owl here. Mornings are bright, and come too early. I can’t think in the morning. But at night, wow…that is when my creativity kicks into gear. I’ve tried so many times to make my schedule match my morning-loving husband’s, but I always go back to being a night owl. It’s just how I’m wired.

Who let the morning people rule the world?

6. Beef or Chicken…and why?

I eat more chicken than beef, because chicken is generally cheaper and healthier, and easier to digest. But we do indulge in the occasional pot roast, steaks and hamburgers. It’s all good!

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