A Picture Post

I haven’t posted pictures lately, but here are a couple of share-worthy ones I just uploaded…

Jonah wanted Zach to hold him while we were doing school the other day. Zach is such an awesome brother…he just picked him up and kept on working like a grown-up would!

And on the other side of the table, we have Eli, otherwise known as The Shirtless Wonder!

(As in, “I wonder what happened to his shirt?”) Yes, most of the time, we run a very casual homeschool.

People often ask, “What do you do with Jonah while you’re teaching the other two?”

Well, we’ve come up with a couple of effective solutions. First, we put him in here:

Sometimes the cat squeezes in too, and they have a really good time. When Jonah gets bored with the buffet cabinet, we stow him under the computer desk. He prefers it to diagramming sentences or doing long division.

(I probably shouldn’t have to include this disclaimer, but there is no latch on the buffet door, and the clear panel is flexible acrylic, not glass. So it’s harmless to let him crawl in there. And I don’t really make him diagram sentences or do long division. He’s far too busy multiplying fractions and memorizing the periodic table.)

Last week, we started some seeds in the hopes of having a vegetable and herb garden this summer. Eli is planting parsley seeds into a little mini-greenhouse thingie.

Hey! He’s wearing a shirt! Amazing!

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  1. I was just about to say, “Hey, Eli’s wearing a shirt!” when I saw your caption! Bahaha! I was ROFL for about 5 minutes w/ your “shirtless wonder” caption! That kid and his aversion to shirts…he’s a pistol Pete, I tell ya! Love my nephews!

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