A Peek Inside the Male Brain

I lit some candles and incense about an hour ago. No, I’m not setting the scene for some kind of ritual. The dogs were freaking out over the thunder and wanted to be close to their people, and the dogs smell like, well, dogs. Hence the need for powerful air-freshening.

So, this was an HOUR ago, and Eli just now came running up to me, “MOM! Something’s burning! I smell fire and smoke!” He and Zach were so busy focusing on their play that it took a whole hour for their brains to register the shift in our home’s fragrance.

Zach’s reaction to Eli’s outburst? “What smell? I don’t smell anything.”

(Note to self: Get that child to an allergist, soon!)

But, BUT, while the male senses are basically immune to the loveliness of scented candles, they are ever so tuned-in to technology.

After Eli realized it was just mommy playing with matches again, he asked if he could call Dad at work. I picked up my cell phone to dial it for him.

Eli said, “No, no, I know how to do it. Give it to me, I’ll do it myself!”

So I passed him the phone, and he goes, “See? All you have to do his hold down the number 3 and it calls Dad automatically.”

I have used that cell phone for many years now, and I never knew that.

HOW did my six year old know that???