A Man’s Reasoning


Tucked inside Sunday’s edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was this sample of a new Gillette product. My husband brought in the paper and looked at the little jar. After he read the name of it, “Precision Putty”, he decided that it must be lip balm. He swiped his finger over the surface, smeared it on his lips and thought it was the worst-tasting lip balm ever.

I, of course, giggled when he told me this because I know that putty is used to style hair. If he’d taken French in high school (as I did, barely scraping by with a “D” average) he might’ve noticed the word “coiffante” on the label and remembered that it relates to hair.

When I asked him why in the world he thought putty was for his lips, he gave the ultimate male answer.

“Because…it looked like a lip balm container. And I thought about my chapped, cracked lips. Putty is like spackle or bondo, so I assumed it was a crack-filler for chapped lips. You know, that it’d smooth them out like when you put bondo on a dent in the car.”

That, my friends, was the best laugh I’ve had in weeks! Mars and Venus, I tell you…

P.S. There is no new column to post this week. I posted last week’s column on my site, not realizing that they ran out of room in Sunday’s paper to include it. So As Seen on TV ran in this week’s newspaper; hence, no new column til next week.

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  1. Your husband is not alone. I initially thought the same thing, but realized it just might be something for the hair (since it came with shampoo). Had to do a search to find out. Thanks for the info, lol.

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