A Lovely Day

Don’t you just love it when a stinky morning turns into a really nice day?

This wacky autoimmune stuff I deal with decided to rear its ugly head yesterday by inflaming my left hand. Typing isn’t bad because, at least now, as long as my fingers are bent, it doesn’t hurt. But straightening them out, or trying to pick something up—not good. And, it comes as it always does, with exhaustion and overall achiness. I ended up missing my bible study group this morning because none of us were ready to get going that early.

In all honesty, it was hard to get it together in time to meet my friend Alicia and her son for a picnic lunch as we’d planned. But I couldn’t disappoint the boys, and I just love a good gab session with such a dear friend.

We had a lot of fun. It was a perfectly sunny fall day, and the boys amused themselves for hours, exploring the lake shore, fashioning fishing poles out of long sticks and discarded fishing line, torturing a poor grasshopper by trying to tie it to the end of the line before it finally hopped free, throwing stones into the water, and in Zach’s case, stumbling into the lake.

The three boys swung too high together on a porch swing, climbed on the playground, and pretended that Eli was a human-eating alien out to get them. And as is always the case when homeschooled kids encounter nature, we have lots of questions to look up online tonight. What do flies eat? What’s the difference between yellow jackets and bees? Do grasshoppers’ legs regenerate if you pull one off? What kind of germs are in lake water?

I know I’ve said it enough to be annoying, but I just love this homeschooling lifestyle. My kids are so happy, and in turn, I am, too. 😀

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