A Little Cup of Love


I was checking email when I heard an urgent tapping on the back door. When I opened it, I saw my sweet little Eli, grinning his adorable snaggle-toothed grin. He held up a fist with a yellow dandelion poking out of each end.

“Look, Mama! I got you two flowers!”¬† he said proudly, handing over the little yellow blossoms. “That one can go in your hair,” he said, pointing to the one that still had a stem. “And that one needs to go in some water.” The other dandelion was a stem-less flower head.

“Aww, thanks, buddy,” I said, tucking the one flower behind my ear. “I’ll go get a cup of water for the other one.”

Eli was beaming as he said, “There’s LOTS more out there, mom! So I’ll probably be bringing you even¬†more flowers.”

I leaned over, kissed his cheek and told him that I loved him. Zach used to bring me dandelions when he was little, too. Most people think they’re weeds, and don’t want them in their lawn. But to me, the dandelion will always symbolize a little boy’s love for his mama.

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