3:00 a.m.

So, it’s 3 in the morning and I am trying to wrap up this week’s column (Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow.) I have discovered a whole bunch of new Coldplay tracks on www.playlist.com and I’m loving them so much, it’s hard to wrap up the column and go to bed. Seems like I never get to listen to music anymore. One of my three “boys” always has something on…TV, Xbox, or we’re doing schoolwork. I hardly ever choose the background noise of my life.

It’s nuts. I am tired, so tired that my legs are achy and my eyes feel sandy and the pre-dawn cold is creeping over me like a thousand slow moving hands, making me crave my heavy chenille blanket and the warmth of my sleeping husband. But these songs are so nice, so…well, me…I don’t want to log off and go to bed.

Told ya I was nuts. (As if you needed proof.)

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